Our Mission

The Foundation for Family Education is a not for profit organization founded in 1982 by Marcia Pioppi Galazzi, with a goal of enhancing family life by providing unique support services to adults who seek to raise health, stable and loving children.

The Foundation raises and distributes funds for the purpose of nurturing and educating children through a variety of custom tailored programs and scholarships, as well as on-going support services for parents of infant, toddler, preschool and school children.  We work closely with families in need, to determine the scope of necessary support that may include: food, clothing, family services such as legal or health counseling, education classes, funds for medical care, equipment or real estate purchases or leases. 

We are committed to supporting the needs of all families.


Our Thinking...

"Family relationships can sustain us, elevate us, and fulfill every emotional need, but those same relationships can also weaken the family bonds in extreme circumstances.  In the chaos of today's world, some families may not be financially, socially, or psychologically equipped to deal with the needs of their families, or even know where to look for help..."

"We know what it takes for a child to be successful.  Our task is to recognize who the family is and the level of commitment needed for the child over their lifetime.  When kids draw a picture of all the members of their family, they are often adding folks whom they love, or drop out the ones who dismiss them.  We must train ourselves, all of us, to see and to know whom the family members are.  When a new born child first greets his family, he knows them by sight, sound, smell and taste, and those moments of attachment last a lifetime as a family continues to nourish the child at each age."

"During stressful times, children need help in understanding how to wade through the uncharted to them waters, and those children need immediate comfort and care..."

"There is the often unknown power of family in the life of the developing child in all cultures, and the hopefulness available in the earliest years of the adults and children coming together..."

"We have quite a catalog of services to help families - clothing, food, doctors, therapists, legal support, coaches, teachers, music, art, after school activities, summer camp,... and the list goes on.  This is where the Foundation for Family Education comes in with our unique ability to determine the level of need, and the financial commitment to make it all happen..."